Simply Beautiful <3

Simply Beautiful
Originally uploaded by Aleks&Leana

Although I have only a modest collection I really love all my SK creations! specially the Bear Hats :)!

When I first saw a Lati Yellow she was wearing a SK bear hat and I started to think that a LY doll isn’ t a complete LY doll without a SK Bear Hat so as soon as I purchased my first LY I ordered my first 4 bear hats and as the greatest bonus ever I knew Kir (Gema) that is just the sweetest and kindest seller, artist and friend <3!

Thank you Gema for everything!

Hats and scarf by. Sk

Photo + quote (c) Leana

We are back with another special feature. Leana posted this pic on her flickr a while ago, and make kir soo o happy! She gave us her written permission to use this one and any other of her pictures. So expect to see more of her lovely pictures in this blog soon.
She always post a lot of colourful and funny pictures of her girls. She is a very friendly girl, so please visit her flickr and say hello from simplykir. We are sure you will love her pictures!

kir special note to Leana:

Leana, you know how I love you! You always have a perfect smile for me, something to cheer me up. You’re one of the kindest and sweetest persons I met online! Thank you very much dear friend! And thank you for this picture, it’s so creative and soooo colourful! THANK YOU

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Simply Kir 6th Anniversary

Simply Kir 6th Anniversary
Originally uploaded by melissa – Best Dressed Doll

Happy Anniversary to our friend Gema!! Six years of making beautiful items for our dollies. Goldie is all dressed up and ready to party.

Photo + quote (c) Melissa (Best Dressed Doll)

We are going to feaure one of your pictures (with your written permission of course) everyday during our Anniversary Event ^^.
Our first feature is this lovely Miel, named Goldie, wearing one of our very special and ooak sets made for Valentines. Isn’t she lovely? We love Goldie so much. She is such a lovely doll and her mom, Melissa makes lovely dresses for latidoll, blythe and other sized dolls. Check her etsy shop and get one of her little dresses. They are great!

kir special note to Melissa:

Thank you very much for posting this pic of Goldie. You put a BIG smile on my face. Thank you friend.

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Anniversary 10′ Event

Anniversary 10′ Event
Originally uploaded by simp?yKir


:: More info HERE::

1) Special Pre-Summer 2o1o -2011 Lati collection: Swimsuits, bathingsuits, bikinis, summer hats in a lot of different colours and styles …
The swimsuits will be posted at random times on our flickr (*available dates: between 05-17-10 to 06-07-10*)with NO LINK for purchase on our Etsy shop.
(Check our flickr profile page for the link).

2) Special Pre-Fall-Winter 2o1o/2o11 Blythe and Lati Yellow collection

3) Special Prints and stickers

4) Lots of Giveaways with all orders… We are going to give away 50 Special Magnets, moo cards … and lots more (limited to one per order).

5) Only READYMADE items for our Anniversary event, no PreOrder items available this time, sorry.

6) Flickr/Blog GiveAway OPEN for everyone (info will be posted later today)

7) Flickr Group Contest (coming later tonight)

8) Previous Customers (check blog)

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Let’s celebrate!

Let’s celebrate!
Originally uploaded by simp?yKir

SimplyKir is celebrating 6 years! Please join us on Facebook or our Flickr Group to win some freebies ;). We are working on the Anniversary event, so stay tuned! In the meantime we’ve just uploaded a lovely anniversary swimsuit collection for Lati yellows in our shop and some other items on our etsy shop.
There won’t be any preOrders this time, sorry. All items are readyMade and ready to ship. We hope you like everything.
Thank you very much for all these years together!

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CCC Firefly Up for Adoption

CCC Firefly Fidelia Up for Adoption (more details below)

The auction is going to start very low but it can be ended early if I get a reasonable offer for her. You can email us (through the contact page or leave a comment here with your bid and email. Emails will be edited before your comments are approved ;).)

CCC Firefly Fidelia (by simp?yKir)

Please read the terms below before sending a PM/email.
1) Please, serious offers only. If you cannot pay for the item after agreeing to purchase it, it will go to the next person.
2) Shipping is via registered airmail (EMS available too). Please check item description for details.
4) I ship within 5 business days. Items will not be shipped out until paid in full.
5) I accept PayPal only.

Thank you!!

FA: CCC Firefly Fidelia

CCC Firefly Fidelia in MINT condition. Faceup intact.
She comes with her original eyes, wings, googles, outfit, papers and box. Wig is not included.

Auction Over: May 4th, 10pm CEST

Starting Price: $50USD + Shipping
Current Bid: $377+ 25 wig +81 outfit + Shipping
Winner Bid: $+ S

Includes: Doll with faceup, wings, googles, original outfit, papers and box (see pics), no other items will be included.
If you want/need a wig let me know, it could be added to the lot for some $ extra.


  • Wig: Tibetan mohair green wig $25 (Please see pics above, it’s the wig in the pictures)
  • Marbledhands halloween outfit (still in package) (Photo coming tonight)
  • —————————————————————-

    1. Country you are located: Spain
    2. Description of item: see above
    3. Price: taking offers ( please see above)
    4. Willing to Split + split prices?: no at this moment
    5. Methods of payment accepted: Paypal balance and Paypal credit card
    6. Layaway options: No at this moment.
    7. Shipping method options: Registered Airmail, EMS (very expensive)
    8. Seller will ship within (timeframe) after receiving full payment: One week after receiving your payment.


    © All rights reserved

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    Blythe in BunnyLand (:

    Blythe in BunnyLand (:
    Originally uploaded by simp?yKir

    Hey friends! We’re back. I want to thank my sweet sister to step by and let you all know I was not able to be online. And thank you everybody for your little emails, packages and good thoughts. I am afraid I am not 100% receovered, but my voice is almost back, still very weak. It’s sooo frustrating… but it’s a matter of time…
    So I am back, and with lots of things to share (bad and good ones of course). I am going to start with the blythe stuff. So if you joined the mailing list, or you’re following sK on twiter or you are a sK fan keep your eyes open. Blythe in Bunnyland!
    More pics of blythes to come… (incluing a couple of blonde blythe girls who are looking for new adventures…)

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    We need your help

    We need your help
    Originally uploaded by simp?yKir

    We’re back from our easter holidays! We had a great time but “kir” felt ill at the end of the week so our “holidays” were a bit longer. Anyways we expected to be back on wednesday and here we are. Kir is needing your help. She wanted to order a couple of thigns for our mother’s birthday (which was last apruil 3th) but she needs someone from the USA to order the stuff. Please contact her via email (see her profile). She won’t be able to reply any fmail at the moment so be assure to email her instead.
    She asked me to tell you that she is fine. (well, her voice is back and gone so I wouldn’t say so, but you know her, she always has a smile ;)).
    She will be checking all her inbox tonight and she will start answering all her emails by date.
    A big hug from kir and her little dolls.
    Kir’s sister-

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