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Wig Care

Wigs are wonderful, but sometimes they can leave stains on lati’s heads. I always wash my dolls wigs prior to putting them on to avoid stains. Stains can be removed from there heads by using a fine grit sanding sponge or a small dab of alcohol on a q-tip *be careful so it doesnt run on the face*. To wash wigs without removing the style and pony holders placed by lati, use a small dab of regular shampoo in a bowl, add cold water only, let sit in the water and shampoo mix for a few minutes and occasionally stir it around in the mixture. Rinse, and soak in a bowl of cold water and a dab of conditioner then rinse, remove and let air dry. If you opt to purchase wigs from another source rather than lati and have any experience with there wigs please post a comment. I only own lati wigs and have no knowledge of the other types of wigs and there performance.

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