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Exciting Lati White and Yellow News

Latidoll have just updated the new pictures of changed default outfits ofBasic ver. BJDS in White line. =)
They are going to update the information of “allied products which are
compatible with them” soon.

*photot(c)2008 Latidoll Inc. All rights reserved.

*About Lati Yellow*

Latidoll is releasing Yellow Renewal body and Sp. Body Event
Renewal body have adjusted thigh parts for more natural posing such as sitting cross-legged, and Sp. Body have been quite newly sculpted, so they will be another Yellow line, since they are totally different from existing body.
They will send a cute character key-holder every customer who place an order with Yellow line doll or body parts in commemoration of Releasing Renewal body and Sp. Body in Yellow line.
They are going to have more inforamtion available at their website at the end of this week ;).

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