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wislist ’10

wislist ’10
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These are the little girls I am looking for this year ;):
mystic Choco Miel
Mystic Choco Lea
Mystic Sugar Lea
Tanned miel
Mystic vampire miel white skin
Mystic vamprie miel normal skin
Vampire Lea
Vampire Coco
choco miel (again? hehehe)
iIf you see one or know of one fs/fa please let me know ^^. (if you see any of the dolls I have up for adoption and you have any of these I will be up for any kind of tradings, just contact me and we will discuss the details ;)).
thank you ^^


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Latidoll Yellow/Blue vampire limited version sneak peeks

Latidoll has a flash teaser with changing images of their new Vampire dolls up.
Remember the dolls will be released for pre-order January 27, 2010. Only 1 day left, yay!

A couple of images from the flash teaser are below:

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Latidoll has once again delayed their releases, this time of the new Blue and Yellow limited Vampire dolls.

From the company:
[ 2010-01-20 ] Releasing delay of Yellow/Blue Limited Collection (Vampire version)

Hello, this is Lati.
First of all, we would like to thank you for your support to our company,
We are afraid to let you know that releasing date of Yellow/Blue Limited Collection (Vampire version) was unavoidably delayed to January 27th 2010 for the perfection.

Product pictures will be updated later and we will do our best to update them as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Remember that the Yellow Special Ninja Guardians are currently available until January 24.

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Welcome to the Latidah land

A place for the lati dolls, with all the info, tips, resources, shops and lots more.


Latidah latest pics