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How to Buy Lati Dolls?

Hi Latidah Friends!
We are happy to introduce you our monthly new article “How Do you Buy Them?“. An useful resource for all of you who wants to place your first order and you don’t know how. We tried hard to make it easy, so if there is any questions or anything you need to know don’t hesitate to leave us a note here or email us.

We have a lot of surprises for you this year, so subscribe our feeds to keep in touch.

Happy January!



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Restocking and Releasing schedule from February to March

From Latidoll site:


Title Restocking and Releasing schedule from February to March

Name LaTi Date 2008-01-23

Hello, this is Lati.

First of all, thank you for your concern to
Limited tanned skin dolls and Basic ver. dolls.

We are doing our best to send your packages
as soon as possible, but we ask your understanding
that the quantities of manufacturing dolls are
limited, and we send customers packages
in the basis of first come first served, so some packages
may delay to the middle of February.

And we are planning Restocking and releasing
schedule for February and March.

Brand new dolls in Yellow line will be released as
Limited doll firstly with both Renewal/Sp. body types
in the middle of February.

We are preparing our 2008 primary restocking of
Basic ver. dolls in the end of February.

(White, Yellow Sp., Green, Blue, Red line dolls only.)

And Yellow line dolls in very special concept will be
released in the early of March.

*Event for February

We will send you extra wig for free from Yellow line
brand new doll in the middle of February.

*one wig for one doll, but type and color will be
sent at random.

*We are preparing 50 wigs for White, 70 wigs for Yellow,
and 30 wigs for Green/Blue/Red each, so we ask
your understanding that this event can be closed earlier
without further information.

Thank you for your time. =)


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